I get it.

I hear this one a lot. In fact I unfortunately find myself saying it a lot. A simple sentence that is a complete lie, yet is said hundreds of times every single day... I get it. Though we may try to imagine what someone is going through we will never have their personal experience. And when going through a hard time sometimes the most frustrating thing you can hear is I get it. I find myself wanting to scream; No! you do NOT get it! One of the main things I get the I get it for is my hearing loss. I complain a lot on the bad days. No use in lying... But it is hard for a hearing person to even imagine my hearing loss. Not to mention the vertigo and tinnitus that comes with it. Hearing loss if hard to understand because you cannot simply turn your ears off... You may be able to close your eyes to try and imagine the life of the blind. You may be able to sit in a wheelchair to imagine the life of someone who cannot walk. But you cannot simply turn your ears off. Even if you could every single persons journey is different. So please try to find something else to say. I know you are trying to be comforting but it really makes me want to go crazy. I've talked to a few friends and they mostly agree, though their issues may not be hearing loss. Some things you have to experience firsthand before your mind can even start to grasp how it feels. Now I am not saying nobody understands these things, or that I am the only one going through this. But if you have ever been so dizzy you could not stand up because of vertigo and someone compares it to a rollercoaster you may want to slap them... So please help me out and find something else to say.

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