Edventure Girl

I have been reading Edventure Girl for a few years. Hannah is pretty cool. I love how her blog shows that even though she is a world traveler she is just a normal teenage girl. She world schools. I know a few of you may be saying world schooling? What's that? It's a nomadic version of homeschooling. Could you handle traveling the world with your family? I don't know if my family could do it. I first found out about Edventure Girl when my mom sent me the link. She had just posted about elephant riding in Thailand. I had just started homeschooling and mom was trying to show me that there were several very cool people around the world who homeschooled. Yes, even I had reservations about homeschooling once upon a time. There are many types of homeschooling and I think Hannah's family has a good idea. I love this post she wrote. Ten ways world schooling has 
ruined my childhood. Make sure to check out all her posts. You won't regret it. Here is the link.  Edventure Girl

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