My name is Anna. I am a homeschooled, roller skating, book loving teen. Roller skating is almost a lifestyle for me at this point. I started playing roller derby at the age of twelve. I also love to work with kids. I started homeschooling after sixth grade. It has been four fabulous years. I think it has brought me closer to my family and friends. 
Life is an adventure, please join me on this wild ride. 


  1. Hello Anna! I absolutely LOVE your blog, and the way your posts are so original! I was directed here from so I assume you're a teenager? This is really inspiring for me because I'm one too. :D I would really appreciate it if you'd check out my blog sometime? And hopefully we can maybe even be friends? Thank you!

    Best wishes,
    Malaikah :)

    1. Thank you! I am sixteen. I just checked out your blog and it is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.